Departmental Bulletin Paper COC に関連する機械工学科1 年次生製図科目における学習成果向上の取り組み;Action of the Learning Result Improvement in the Drawing Subject Concerning the COC of the 1st Grader of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

瀬川, 明夫;Akio, SEGAWA  ,  十河, 憲夫;Norio, SOGO  ,  斉藤, 博嗣;Hiroshi, SAITO  ,  高杉, 敬吾;Keigo, TAKASUGI

(22)  , pp.41 - 49 , 2015-03-31 , 金沢工業大学
COC に関連して,機械工学科「機械系製図Ⅰ」において,1 年次生に企業研究者の講話を聴講させた.このとき,聴講ノートとともに,独自アンケートを実施し,機械工学科で修学していく上で,現在のモチベーションはどうか,ものづくり分野への関心度はどうか,将来展望はできているか等を調査し,学習意欲の分析と,製図科目へ取り組む意義を含めて,履修学生の意識向上を図った取り組みについて報告する.;Concerning the COC, the 1st grader was made to hear the lecture by the enterprise researcher in "Mechanical Drawing Ⅰ" of mechanical engineering. This time, the original questionnaire was carried out with the admission note, present motivation, degree of interest and future view to the making field were investigated, when it learned in the mechanical engineering. In addition, the learning volition is analyzed, and including the significance which wrestles to the drawing subject, the action for the volition improvement of the student is reported.

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