Departmental Bulletin Paper 「領域・教科を合わせた指導」から考える重度・重複児の授業作り : ─領域・教科と関連したコアカリキュラムによる指導方法
Instruction method for children with severe/multiple disabilities based on integrated study : Development of lesson plans related to core curriculum areas/subjects

渡邊, 実

With Japan’s shift to special needs education instead of separate education according to type ofdisability, the education of children with severe/multiple disabilities has become more important.Integrated study(study aligned with areas and subjects in the core curriculum)forms the mainpart of education of children with severe or multiple disabilities. Life unit learning, which mainlyconsists of self-independence activities, continues within the category of integrated study. However,to conduct integrated study, curricula that are closely correlated with core curriculum areas andsubjects are required, such as correlated curricula for life unit learning. After examining the historyof the core curriculum as a basis for discussion, this paper proposes an effective curriculum andinstruction method for integrated learning by children with severe/multiple disabilities using corecurriculum methods.

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