Technical Report Deliberations on Japanese Nuclear Policy During the Sato Administration: Studies by the Cabinet Research Office

KISHI, Toshimitsu

17-152018-02 , GRIPS Policy Research Center
During the Sato Administration period, the Cabinet Research Office, which was an intelligence agency directly under the Cabinet office, commissioned many studies regarding the nuclear policy of Japan. This chapter introduces seventeen of them with emphasis on three of them which seems to have influenced the development of non-nuclear policy of the Sato Administration. Scholars and intellectuals like Kei Wakaizumi, Teiji Yabe, Kiichi Saeki, Yonosuke Nagai, and Michio Royama were involved in these studies.
This paper is an adapted and translated version of the original paper, which was presented at the 2017 Annual Convention of Japan Association of Political Science. It is part of the results of the research project “The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime and the Redefinition of Security Policies” at GRIPS (Project leader, Yoko IWAMA) supported by JSPS (Japan Society for Promotion of Science) KAKENHI Grant Nr. 17H00972.

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