Technical Report The Changing Landscape of International Migration : Evidence from Rural Households in Bangladesh, 2000-2014

KIKKAWA, Aiko  ,  OTSUKA, Keijiro

16-132016-08 , GRIPS Policy Research Center
Using unique data on rural households in Bangladesh for the period 2000–2014, this study aims to explore whether the socio-economic characteristics of the beneficiary households of international migration have changed over time. Our analysis shows that household education and asset levels are important determinants of international migration, particularly in earlier years. We also find that less educated and less wealthy households did take part in migration, albeit slowly, in recent time. In addition, social network facilitating migration within community is a key contributor to migration, but its predictive power declines over time. These findings suggest that entry barriers to international migration, resulting from paucity of financial, human and social capital endowment, have decreased over time. We also explore possible causes for such changes, including persistent demand for low-skilled workers in major destination countries, increasing domestic demand for educated workers, and increasing access to loans and grants to finance migration.
This work was supported by the JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number JP15J11506.

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