Technical Report 巨大災害に対する法制の見直しに関する課題についての研究

武田, 文男  ,  竹内, 潔  ,  水山, 高久  ,  池谷, 浩

16-062016-06 , GRIPS Policy Research Center
Basic Act on Disaster Control Measures was revised in 2012 and 2013. While those were major revisions since its enactment, it seems that important issues on legal system against huge disaster have been left. Those issues on legal system of disaster control are, for example, (1) concrete measures to be taken as emergency response, (2) positioning of ordinance-designated cities, (3) security of central function continuity, (4) measures for people having trouble returning home, and so on. This paper aims to reveal the reality of local governments' current recognition, etc., and to propose desirable future policy for reviewing legal system against huge disaster.

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