Departmental Bulletin Paper 高卒後の進学・就職に伴う地域移動と就職機会―全国の傾向と岩手県の特徴―

渡部 , 芳栄

(10)  , pp.55 - 70 , 2016-03 , 岩手県立大学高等教育推進センター
 This paper discusses the issues concerning the COC+ (the Center of Community plus) project by analyzing the socioeconomic data, especially in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. The results of the analysis are summarized as follows: (1) The rate of those new students who go to a university inside the prefecture has risen, but regional disparities remain. (2) There are no apparent differences in the percentage of these new students between Iwate and the other prefectures. (3) The employment rate of newly high school graduates has been decreasing since 1960s, but the rates of Tohoku district (except Miyagi Prefecture) tends to be higher. (4) The employment rate of newly high school graduates seems to have relation to the condition of the entire Japanese economy. (5) The proportions of the primary and secondary industries are high in Iwate Prefecture. (6) The ratio of recruitment for applicants is not high in Iwate Prefecture and has almost no relation with the employment rate of new graduates from high schools in Iwate Prefecture. This paper concludes that firstly, we understand the COC+ project involves a conflict between locality and universality. Secondly, it is significant for us to have a conversation with community (including local governments, companies and citizen) in order to promote a good image of the community. Lastly, from a macro perspective, universities and colleges should encourage students to learn viewpoint to understand every community.

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