Departmental Bulletin Paper 休日勤務時の学内託児活動の実践と課題

佐々木, 千晶  ,  庄司, 知恵子  ,  菅野, 道生  ,  下平 , なをみ  ,  伊藤 , 彩  ,  櫻, 幸恵

 本学では入試等の休日勤務にあたって多数の教職員に業務が割り当てられるが、乳幼児・小学生を持つ教職員に対する大学としての支援体制はない。こうした現状を受け、教職員有志の活動として平成26 年度の3 回の休日勤務時に、学生ボランティアが子どもと遊んで過ごすことを基本として託児の実践を行った。実践を通してニーズを顕在化させ、ノウハウを提示して大学事業化に繋げることをねらいとした。その結果、(1)託児場所の確保、(2)学生ボランティアの育成、(3)緊急時の体制、(4)活動の周知・信頼性の確保、(5)運営の担い手、(6)実施主体の明確化が課題として挙げられ、その多くは大学が実施主体となることで解決可能と考えられた。
 At this university, holiday work, such as for entrance examinations, is divided up between many faculty members and administrative staff , but the university has no support system for faculty and staff who have infants or elementary school students. Against this background, faculty and staff volunteers implemented daycare during the three holiday work periods in 2014 with a basic premise that student volunteers would spend time with the children by playing with them. Through this daycare, we hoped to identify needs of faculty and staff and turn daycare into an operation by the university through presenting knowhow. The results show that the following are issues:( 1) securing daycare locations,( 2) training student volunteers,( 3) creating emergency systems,( 4) publicizing the activity and confirming the reliability of volunteers,( 5) selecting who bears management responsibility, and (6) defining the administrative body. It is believed that the majority of these issues will be resolved by the university becoming the administrative body.

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