Departmental Bulletin Paper 高等教育への障害者のアクセス― ジェンダー統計視点を含めて ―

吉田, 仁美

 Opportunities for education and work are fundamental human rights that should be assured for all people who desire them. However, disabled children and adults, who are the subject of this report, are hardly assured of such opportunities without social limitations. In particular, women with disabilities may suffer the double disadvantage of being disabled and being a woman. It has thus been pointed out that in previous UN efforts, women are sometimes excluded from education and/or the labor market. Therefore, the purposes of this report are to determine and analyze the access of people with disabilities to higher education using existing statistical data from the viewpoint of gender statistics and to present gender statistics for disabled children and adults required in this field of study. Our survey results are described below. First, it was difficult to grasp the macro trends of going to the next stage of education due to the shortage of statistical information about people with disabilities. Although there were gaps in statistics, this study demonstrated that there are many barriers to access to higher education by people with disabilities. Second, to more accurately grasp the actual status, it is necessary to enrich the gender statistics for people with disabilities. Therefore, the author proposed the required gender statistics for people with disabilities along this theme.

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