Departmental Bulletin Paper 反社会的行動・規範逸脱行動の抑制に関する探索的検討―「悪いこと」を思いとどまった経験について ―

田村, 達

 In order to elucidate the regulatory mechanisms against antisocial or deviant behaviors, the present study exploratorily examined the psychological processes and factors which affect them, based on the literature on moral and social control of the behaviors. 74 university students answered a questionnaire about their experience on refraining from “doing a bad thing” and the reason why he or she had been able to forbear doing it. Their answers on inhibition and the reason were classified and investigated with respect to frequencies and association between them. The results revealed some specific correspondences of a reason to inhibition, suggesting factors on restraints of problematic behaviors. The effect of such factors as guilty, perspective taking of a victim and punishment, and the condition in which the effect acts on were discussed.

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