Departmental Bulletin Paper 公立大学における子育て支援の現状と課題― 岩手県立大学における子育て支援体制の充実に向けた調査・視察・実践をもとに ―

庄司, 知恵子  ,  佐々木, 千晶  ,  伊藤, 彩  ,  下平, なをみ  ,  菅野, 道生  ,  櫻, 幸恵  ,  荻原, 奈々子  ,  細越, 久美子

 In an effort to enhance childcare support systems in Iwate Prefectural University, ‘Current situation and challenges of work-life balance in Universities’ research project compares 1) survey on the conditions of implementing gender equality in public universities, 2) pioneer research from Yamagata National University’s observations on gender equality, and 3) childcare services for Sunday shifts in this university. A close examination of these sources shows an asymmetry between ‘gender equality’ and ‘childcare support’. Building upon this issue, this paper explains the current situation of childcare support within national universities through interviews with university and prefectural gender equality representatives, and an analysis on two surveys and ‘gender equality in public universities’( implemented from this project).

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