Departmental Bulletin Paper 看護学生の精神看護学実習に対する不安への認知行動療法に基づくオリエンテーションの効果

佐藤, 史教  ,  樋口 , 日出子

The goal of this study was to determine the effects of an orientation based on cognitive behavioral therapy on nursing students’ anxiety about mental health nursing training. The orientation consists of a lecture on “mental disorders and patients’ understanding of their symptoms,” a group session on “awareness of self-recognition and its amendment,” and role playing on “how to deal with people suffering from mental disorders” using social skills training (SST). In a pretest, an orientation on mental health nursing training based on cognitive behavioral therapy was presented to 80 nursing students at university A. As a result, their levels of anxiety decreased and their self-efficacy improved. During the test, the orientation, which had been modified to facilitate awareness of self-recognition and to allow all students to experience social skills training, was presented to 60 nursing students at the same university. The results demonstrated that the orientation reduced their levels of both state and trait anxiety. Therefore, orientation appears to be useful for nursing student anxiety regarding mental health nursing training, for promoting amendment to self-recognition and the acquisition of communication skills, and for providing an opportunity for nursing students to cultivate a positive attitude toward the training, resulting in effective learning.

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