Departmental Bulletin Paper 近世土佐家の屏風絵粉本

松尾, 芳樹

Among the "Reference Materials on the paintings of the Tosa School" owned by the Kyoto City University of Arts Museum, there are many copies and underdrawings of folding screens. Most of them are "Hakubyo plain sketch" of the full size originals, but reduced drawings are also included. A copy of the Tale of Genji by Mitsunori Tosa, which was produced early in the 17th century, is the oldest material. Mitsunori's son, Mitsuoki and grandson, Mitsunari, produced a landscape painting with reference to the actual scenery, and Mitsunari's grandson and and his descendants fulfilled the responsibility as court painters whose works featured classical and gentle expression. The features of Tosa family painters in the early modern era are shown in these "funpon (painting examples)", which show that they emphasized the painting style called "folding screen".

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