Departmental Bulletin Paper 食育カルタ制作 : 保育内容複数領域の科目間連携授業の試み
Making Karuta (Picture Cards for a Traditional Japanese Game) for Food and Nutrition Education : Trial for Effective Learning Through the Integration of Curriculum Content in Early Childhood Care and Education Classes

鳥居, 美佳子  ,  古屋, 祥子  ,  山田, 千明  ,  鳥居, 美佳子  ,  古屋, 祥子  ,  山田, 千明  ,  Mikako, Torii  ,  Shoko, Furuya  ,  Chiaki, Yamada  ,  トリイ, ミカコ  ,  Torii, Mikako  ,  フルヤ, ショウコ  ,  Furuya, Shoko  ,  ヤマダ, チアキ  ,  Yamada, Chiaki

12pp.68 - 82 , 2017-03-16 , 山梨県立大学
Three professors who are teaching elements of the early childhood care and education curriculum ( language, arts and handcrafts as artistic expression, and food and nutrition) cooperated to teach students how to make Karuta picture cards for a traditional Japanese game, in order to findan effective teaching method in an integrated class. After making and playing Karuta, students evaluated their learning objectively. The last step of this activity was asking children to play Karuta games in a kindergarten where an alumna works as a teacher. Through this activity, students not only enlarged their knowledge of food and nutrition, but they also learned how to put the acquired knowledge into a food Karuta game by using appropriate words and pictures. Because some students felt that they had become more competent through this activity, they went on to make sophisticatedly decorated boxes. In addition, it can be said that this trial improves the abilities of kindergarten teachers and/or child care workers. It was also observed how important a teachers’ way of communicating with children is during the playing of Karuta. Appropriate and inappropriate communication with children affected the results of Karuta games. Furthermore, this study points out the importance of creating teaching materials or games through collaboration with college students and alumna.

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