Departmental Bulletin Paper 山村福祉実践の視座
Perspective of mountain village welfare practice

高木, 寛之  ,  高木, 寛之  ,  HIROYUKI, TAKAGI  ,  タカギ, ヒロユキ  ,  Takagi, Hiroyuki

12pp.58 - 67 , 2017-03-16 , 山梨県立大学
In the mountain village, it is required to support the living continuation of the residents in the economic rationality. The present study was to clarifythe position of “Community-based integrated care systems” in the mountain village support. In this paper, it was examined the way of the future of“Community-based integrated care systems” from the positioning of the mountain village support. The life in the mountain village, there is a problem such as aging, social resources shortage, changes in the family structure. Then, policy for the purpose of sustainability of the mountain village becomes the choice between the two of "local development" or "withdrawal". Among the two choices, social welfare practice there is affinity to the "local development". On the other hand, the slope of the excessive "local development" is, become irresponsible support from the viewpoint of continuity in the socio-economic system. "local development", which was the foundation of industrial reconstruction, there is a risk to eliminate the "weak citizen" and the "strong citizen" to the society of the base. As a result of the above study, to support the people that have been excluded from the economic activity among the economic rationality it is can be obtained in social welfare practice.

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