Departmental Bulletin Paper 西ヨーロッパと東アジアにおけるヒストリオグラフィーのアーキタイプ研究に関する資料調査 : カスリーン・ヒューズ『初期ケルト民族の歴史意識と現代の歴史家』の翻訳紹介
Introducing a translation of Kathleen Hughes, The Early Celtic Idea of History and the Modern Historian : An Inaugural Lecture. Materials regarding research on archetypes of historiography in Western Europeand East Asia

佐藤, 正幸  ,  佐藤, 正幸  ,  SATO, Masayuki  ,  サトウ, マサユキ  ,  Sato, Masayuki

11pp.82 - 98 , 2016-03-05 , 山梨県立大学
Situated to the east and the west of the Eurasian continent, the British Isles and Japan both possess cultures with root extending into the distant past. In both areas numerous genealogies have been fashioned from the seventh century, the time from which the first written materials are extant. These genealogies have played a central role in the determination of an awareness of history. This article introduces the Japanese translation of Kathleen Hughes’s, The Early Celtic Idea of History and the Modern Historian: An Inaugural Lecture, (Cambridge University Press; Cambridge,1977, 24 pp.). Hughes treats the era during which Christianity, a religion that served on the basis of Celtic culture, was accepted by medieval Ireland. By examining numerous genealogies, Hughes examines the development of historiography. This report introduces Hughes’s work in order foster a better understanding from a comparative perspective of the culture of genealogies and the development of historical writings in Japan.

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