Departmental Bulletin Paper An Examination of The Applicability of Nonaka’s Theory in The Empirical Context of UK Urban Regeneration: A Case Study of The Creative Town Initiative in Huddersfield (2) : Placing the Creative Town Initiative in Huddersfield in context

安達, 義通  ,  安達, 義通  ,  ADACHI, Yoshimichi  ,  アダチ, ヨシミチ  ,  Adachi, Yoshimichi

11pp.73 - 81 , 2016-03-05 , 山梨県立大学
A series of papers aims to examine the applicability of Nonaka’s theory of organizational knowledge creation to the empirical context of urban regeneration in the UK and the Creative Town Initiative (CTI) in Huddersfield in particular. In so doing, in this paper Huddersfield and CTI in particular has been placed in context. After introducing the theoretical framework to apply to Nonaka’s theory, CTI in Huddersfield has been placed in contexts, including geographical, demographic, historical, local political (and institutional), urban regeneration and cultural. This paper led to be ready to examine the application / relevance of Nonaka’s theoretical frameworks to urban regeneration using CTI in Huddersfield.

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