Departmental Bulletin Paper 王政復古期における非国教徒文学と社会 : ロバート・ワイルドと出版についての一考察
Nonconformist Literature in the Restoration England:A Study of Robert Wild and Print Culture

高野, 美千代  ,  高野, 美千代  ,  TAKANO, Michiyo  ,  タカノ, ミチヨ  ,  Takano, Michiyo

11pp.55 - 63 , 2016-03-05 , 山梨県立大学
Robert Wild (1615/16-1679) was among the seventeenth-century nonconformist writers who have been mostly ignored since early eighteenth century. A great number of his poems were published in the restoration England, which indicates the popularity of the poet. This study aims to study his poems published after 1660 and to consider the use of print by a nonconformist poet whose works were much read byhis contemporaries.

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