Departmental Bulletin Paper アメリカ演劇が描く戦争の脅威 : 『マリソル』における戦いをめぐる空間と身体性
Fear of War in the American Drama:Space and Corporeality in the War in Marisol

伊藤, ゆかり  ,  伊藤, ゆかり  ,  ITO, Yukari  ,  イトウ, ユカリ  ,  Ito, Yukari

11pp.12 - 21 , 2016-03-05 , 山梨県立大学
From ancient times, theatre has tried to represent war in various ways. American drama is no exception. Especially since the 9/11 terrorist attacks caused more fear of war to break out in America, we have hadmany plays on war, from the Civil War to war on terrorism. José Rivera’s Marisol is a play not about any historical war but about imaginary war. There erupts a celestial war between angels and God in the apocalyptic world of present-day New York. With a motif of science fiction movies, the playwright depicts bleak reality of homeless people in New York. The plight of underprivileged people is so much that angels are forced to fight against God to make the human world better. In order to reveal the war of angels reflects our reality, Rivera emphasizes two elements in the drama: space and corporeality. Each of the places in the play epitomizes the world about to collapse; no one is safe anywhere. In addition, the importance of human senses, particularly of the sense of touch, is focused on, so we can find something real in the pain of the characters. Although the ending of the play suggesting hope for a new society seems weak, the audience is convinced of a need for new world after catastrophic battles.

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