Departmental Bulletin Paper 子どもの歌唱の現状 : 日本語の「ことば」と音高に着目して
Current status of children singing : Focusing on the pitch as a "word" in Japanese

樋口, しずか  ,  沢登, 芙美子  ,  樋口, しずか  ,  沢登, 芙美子  ,  HIGUCHI, Shizuka  ,  SAWANOBORI, Fumiko  ,  ヒグチ, シズカ  ,  Higuchi, Shizuka  ,  サワノボリ, フミコ  ,  Sawanobori, Fumiko

11pp.41 - 52 , 2016-03-16 , 山梨県立大学
This study to better understand children, to grasp the current state of the singing, thought to be the basis. Therefore, it was heard that the singing songs of each child, and analyzed for the mutual relationships between the melody and Japanese lyrics. As a result, the following four points were revealed. ① It is easy to sing it's natural melody with the "words" of one Japanese. When's the pitch that was contrary to the movement of words, the children themselves with a obediently pitch to the words of Japanese, it was found that to make a tune. ② Children, it was found that it is being changed to sing to their own singing easy range. ③ Be given a gesture to the pitch has been found to be effective. ④ In daily musical activities, the voice of the leaders and by to take care of the "listening", to be able to sing the pitch to exactly match, it was found. From the above, the teaching materials of singing must be chosen and daily music activity of the way as we considered important.

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