Departmental Bulletin Paper 2030 Sustainable Development Goals( SDG’s) & Global Hotel Chain in Leadership Models in Japan

Jarman-Walsh, Joy  ,  Joy, Jarman-Walsh

(46)  , pp.199 - 206 , 2018-02-20 , 安田女子大学
This paper outlines some models of sustainability-focused business management in the hospitality sector in Japan. Focus is on leading global chain hotels operating in Japan. These global hotel chains standardize and align targets with UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 with a mission to establish sustainable Return on Investment (ROI) fulfilling their duty to shareholders. The SDG’s align with the three pillars of sustainable business aims to make improvements for society and environment in addition to maintaining profitable business operations. This paper proposes that despite Japan’s adoption of the 2030 SDG targets in 2015, there are few examples of clear corporate policy in the hospitality or tourism sectors. Sustainable business models of some successful global hotel chains, which operate in Japan, involve promoting education, third-party accountability, and transparency. There is growing necessity for Japan-based brands to create clear targets to meet the SDG for 2030 and implement sustainable business strategies. Efficiency targets will not only improve industry standards across the hospitality sector, but as the number of visitors to Japan continues to rise, international hotel brands will increase. Therefore, domestic brands must rise to international standards in SDG’s in order to retain the high-quality branding of made-in-japan omotenashi hospitality.

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