Departmental Bulletin Paper 光化学反応を利用する新規炭素-酸素及び炭素-炭素結合形成反応に関する研究
Development of Novel C-O and C-C Bond-forming Photochemical Reactions

崔, 蕾  ,  伊藤, 彰近  ,  サイ, レイ  ,  イトウ, アキチカ  ,  Lei, CUI  ,  Akichika, ITOH

Recently, environmentally friendly chemical technologies, classified under ‘green chemistry,’ have been the focus ofincreased attention. It is imperative for us to consider environmental concerns. Among others, energy supply for reactions is asignificant factor in practical applications. Light is an important factor in many reactions; therefore, it can be described as a type ofreagent. Because this clean reagent leaves behind no residue and has neither shape nor weight, it is an important component inexaminations of environmentally benign processes. In this paper, we report our recent work using light as a reagent in reactions. As aresult, we have developed a series of reactions driven by light.

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