Departmental Bulletin Paper 現代生活学科の環境科学入門科目における教育に関する検討
A Discussion about the Education of Introductory Courses in Environmental Science in the Department of Studies on Lifestyle Management

菅野, 元行

 In the Department of Studies of Lifestyle Management at Jissen Women’s University, undergraduate students can learn about environmental science and energy. The introductory course on environmental science is offered to first-year undergraduates. In this course, the electromagnetic waves, such as visible, infrared and ultraviolet rays, are taught from through the phenomenon of aurora. It was found that the use of teaching materials with many photographs and graphs are very effective for the undergraduates. The positive attitude of the undergraduates in studying environmental science and energy was enhanced by the creation of an ecological campus map and growing the KANTO Taraxacum (a dandelion that grows naturally in the Kanto region of Japan).

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