Departmental Bulletin Paper 地域活性と持続可能な大学と地域の連携 ~都市と農村をつなぐ活動において~
Sustainable Cooperation in Universities and Local Communities for the Regional Development and Vitalization ~On the Case of Exchange between Urban Areas and Rural Areas~

須賀, 由紀子

 In the era of regional development and vitalization that Japanese society faces, universities and local communities cooperate in the educational activities has been popular. This study looks at how to maintain good relations and cooperation between universities and local communities in for the purpose of regional vitalization. First, the author reviews preceding studies, the author pointed out that the regional areas hold several educational values for students. Secondly from the author’s field work in rural areas, the rural regional areas have the educational power to provide students with the opportunity to think about what are good ways to maintain a life balance with nature and keeping the communities. It is necessary to consider an efficient system with long-term sustainability and promoting the educational relations with universities and local communities. This study found that there are four key points; ①intrinsic motivation of the students ②entrusting attitude to the indwelling educational power in the rural areas, ③creating active participants in rural life, ④making platform by students for connecting urban areas with rural ones.

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