Departmental Bulletin Paper 幼児の音楽表現における段階的・継続的指導の実践に関する一考察 -豊かな表現による歌唱活動に着目して-
A Consideration on Practice of Gradual and Continuing Instruction for young children make musical expressions ~Focus on young children expressing rich singing~

長谷川, 恭子  ,  前田, 智子

 The purpose of this research is to consider the practical implementations of gradual and continuing instruction of young children in making musical expressions, and based on that, we examine the effect of guidance in this area. In Japan, nursery child care guidelines were announced in 2017. The representation area shows that it expresses what you felt from the young children living environment and friends share motivation by sharing expressions with each other. As a result, it is necessary to provide gradual and continuing instruction in music education which is a part of the representation area. In this research, we introduced the process through which young children experience creative musical expressions via onomatopoeia. By doing this, we tried to enrich the singing expressions of young children. The use of onomatopoeic expressive activities as an introduction of the process makes it possible for young children to enjoy expressions. This raised the motivation for music expression. In addition, indirect communication among young children raised the effect of enriching singing expressions.

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