Departmental Bulletin Paper 市場環境の変化にみる「子供服の大人化」に関する検討
A Study on the Evolution of the Children’s Wear in the Japanese Market

在塚, 実季  ,  大川, 知子

 Overall the Japanese fashion industry is in decline, however the children’s fashion market has been relatively steady compared with other fashion categories. One of the reasons for this situation is due to the creation of a new category, which is not similar to the old style, in the children’s fashion market. This model of children's wear is quite similar model to the adult one (its material and design etc.). This paper tries to distinguish how the children’s fashion phenomenon developed in the market from a historical point of view. One of the turning-points was Fast Fashion and the development of the shopping-center (SC) after 2000. The dramatic change of the relationship with the retailers influenced product development for apparel makers. Also, new parents who are fashion oriented have lead the new trend to the masses. This phenomenon is not a simple fashion trend. This paper tells why this trend is irreversible by viewing it from an historical point of view.

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