Departmental Bulletin Paper パウンドケーキの嗜好性
The palatability of pound cakes

佐藤, 幸子  ,  桑野, 恵理子  ,  中條, 祥子  ,  長岡, 麻紀  ,  栗原, 幸子

 Pound cake is a traditional, baked, French sweet, whose main ingredient is butter. In recent years, however, many of the commercially available pound cakes use vegetable oil, instead. In this study, we evaluated the palatability of pound cakes by preparing them with butter and vegetable oil, determining their traits such as color, breaking properties, and odor-active compounds, and finally performing a sensory evaluation of their palatability on a scale of 1 to 5. The results of instrumental analysis showed no difference in color within the limit of visual recognition. Their breaking strengths indicated that pound cakes made with vegetable oil can resist higher breaking pressure than those made with butter, and analysis by GC/MS and GC/O led to detection of odor-active compounds of butter but not those of vegetable oil. Pound cakes made with butter ranked the highest in overall sensory evaluation. Based on these results, it was revealed that pound cakes made with butter have better palatability and their hardness as well as flavor has favorable effects on palatability.

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