Departmental Bulletin Paper 下田歌子の『日本の女性』(2) ―南北朝・足利・戦国時代の女性像をめぐって―
“The Japanese woman” by Utako Shimoda. – The female image of Northern and Southern Dynasties era, the Ashikaga age, and the Age of Civil Wars –

佐藤, 雅男

 “The Japanese woman” was published from “Jitsugyo no Nihon-sha” in Taisho 2. There is revision in Showa 8. This writing makes the background the historical knowledge ranging from the ancient times of Japan to modern times. She is drawing many concrete female images which were useful in each time. It is history of ideas research of the full-scale woman of the beginning term of modern Japan. Shimoda is an “introduction” and made grade the first meaning for changes of women’s history of Japan from ancient times till the Nara period generally. It is said that an esthetic hobby is there. And generally it is a time of feelings. And Meiji Era changed to fidelity and morality from the Kamakura period. This is a pillar of the way of life which the woman supported. The composition of writing has the theme continuity of female fidelity and morality by Chapter 11 from Chapter 6. In this Paper, I clarify the so called Female Image of “Dark Age” of Chapter 8 “Northern and Southern Dynasties Ashikaga Shogun ate and Woman Community of Age of Civil Wars” on which Female Image to Tokugawa Period or before after Female Image of Kamakura Period was Drawn, and “Woman of Chapter 9 Northern and Southern Dynasties Ashikaga Age of Civil Wars.” A method summarizes the exquisite Chinese writing of a rice field in the simple language of the side here. And I quote the important part of a subject kind and it examines the special feature of her thought expression. Moreover, there are some models in a concrete woman’s anecdote. I also mention relation with that.

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