Departmental Bulletin Paper 近赤外分光法による栄養成分の迅速分析の有効性とその活用
The effectiveness and utility of near-infrared spectrophotometry for a rapid determination of nutrients in foods

奈良, 一寛  ,  桑野, 恵理子  ,  中條, 祥子  ,  佐藤, 幸子  ,  白尾, 美佳

We examined the effectiveness of near-infrared spectrophotometry for the nutrient analysis of foods. The energy contents of 18 commercial confectionery products measured by near-infrared spectrophotometry were highly correlated with the values printed on the labels (r=0.9712), suggesting that this method can be used to rapidly determine the energy content of confectionery items. Regarding the nutrient contents of these samples, a high correlation between the measured values and those printed on the labels was observed for fat and carbohydrate, but a large discrepancy was found for protein. The energy andnutrient contents of “kasutera-imo” samples prepared using three differentheating methods were determined by near-infrared spectrophotometry, and the values were compared with those obtained using the standard chemical analysis methods. The results showed that the near-infrared spectrophotometric values were within the specified tolerance ranges. These findings suggest that the energy content of confectionery products can be rapidly determined using near-infrared spectrophotometry.

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