Departmental Bulletin Paper 自然界から分離した黒麹菌と実用焼酎麹菌との特性比較
Characteristic comparison of wild black-Aspergillus isolated from field with commercial

秋田, 修  ,  大城, 衣賀  ,  伏木, 愛香  ,  境野, 佑  ,  阿部, 真紀

Aspergillus luchuensis and A.luchuensis mut. kawachii (=A.kawachii) are used for koji-making in Japanese distilled liquor “awamori” and “shochu” production. The origin of these domesticated strains is thought to be a contaminant of wild black-Aspergillus from natural environment. We isolated black-Aspergillus from a fields. Isolated strains were identified as A.tubingensis (=A.saitoi) by the genomic structure analysis. Thai rice koji was prepared using two isolates and four commercial strains. The characteristics such as acidity, citric acid content, amount of myceliums of koji made by isolates were not remarkable different compared with that of A.luchuensis and A.kawachii. The activities of enzymes (α-amylase, acid tolerant α-amylase, glucoamylase, neutral protease, acid protease and acid carboxypeptidase) in koji of isolates were slightly lower than that of commercial strains. From these results, it is estimated that the present commercial A.luchuensis strains originated from black-Aspergillus living in the natural environment.

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