Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学生のコミュニケーション力の現状と向上への取り組み ―女子大学における「ビジネス・コミュニケーション」という試み―
University Students’ Communication Ability Level and Educational Challenge to Improve the Ability in the Class of “Business Communication” at a Women’s University

安齋, 徹

Since enterprises in Japan expect the communication ability of university students to be at certain level, this paper aims to examine the level of university students’ communication ability and to illustrate the educational challenge to improve that ability through a class entitled “Business Communication”, which was given at a Women’s University. First, a “Survey of Communication Ability on the University Students” was carried out asking 416 university students nationwide. Although the communication level fell by the 2nd year, it increased steadily until the 4th year. When comparing men and women, men showed more ability than women; however, by the 4th year the level of communication ability at the Women’s University was outstanding, in a women-only environment during three years and job hunting experiences during the 4th year. Second, an index for evaluating the communication ability of university students was developed. It consists of 30 questions in three sub-categories, namely reliability appeal, empathy appeal, and logical appeal. Third, the class entitled “Business Communication” provided tremendous improvement, which shows the new type methodology of communication education. The student evaluation showed that satisfaction of the class was at 4.54, on a five-point scale and the benefit to improve the quality of life was 4.56. The methodology of practical work in the classroom, the use of audio-visual materials, the fostering of a peaceful atmosphere, and the frequent discussion with students each time was judged extremely favorably by the students. Considering the balance between theory and practice, linking materials to the way of life,discussing the view of the real business world (the class of “Business Communication” was conducted by a teacher who had long-time business experience previously) and the operational methods which was presented with originality and ingenuity, the course resulted in substantialimprovement of the communication ability of the students.

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