Departmental Bulletin Paper 英語の基礎と、英語の基礎学習支援についての探究と実践例
Helping Students to Learn and Use the Basic Knowledge of English

柳瀬, 実佳

College students have different purpose of learning English. They also have different learning experiences of English. Strictly speaking, even students who are divided into groups based on their English proficiency levels vary in nature. All things considered, I think helping students to learn basic knowledge and use of English can be useful and meaningful for all kinds of students. With this knowledge, students can understand and use English to a great extent. Moreover, students can even find the universality and truth in life in learning basic knowledge of English. It can be learned in the same way as we learn basic learning skills in our lives, so not only the students who are eager to learn and use English, but also those who have little interest in learning English can benefit from learning the basic knowledge and use of English. This paper describes the value of helping students who consciously/unconsciously need to learn the basic knowledge and use of English and shows some examples of such practice in my classes at several colleges.

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