Departmental Bulletin Paper Increasing Reading Speed: Timed versus Repeated-timed Reading
Increasing Reading Speed: Timed versus Repeated-timed Reading

Leroux, Todd

This confirmatory quantitative pilot study investigated the effect of timed-reading (TR), and comparative treatments of timed-reading versus repeated-timed-reading (RR) on 18 female 2nd-year university students of English as a foreign language. Reading speed and comprehension were measured at four benchmarks: Pre-test, Benchmark 1, Benchmark 2, and a 2 – week Delayed-posttest. Reading speed results show increased reading speed between Pre-test and Benchmark 1, and between Benchmark 1 and 2. Participants in TR (n =9) and RR (n =9) groups read 14 and 7 passages, respectively over a 14-week period. The results suggest continued reading speed development within treatment groupings throughout the 14 weeks but no difference between treatments (starting from Benchmark 2). Delayed-posttest reading speed declines were not significant. Reading comprehension was not impacted by gains in reading speed and there were no differences between treatments. Results reject the null hypothesis: RR will be more efficacious than TR for reading speed gains.

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