Departmental Bulletin Paper 21世紀型能力に向けた「他者に伝える意識」を持つ意義 -読解と作文の融合研究のこれから-
A Consideration of writing explanation with audience awareness related to 21st century competencies : Combinational study of reading and writing

柏崎, 秀子

21st century competencies were proposed to survive shaping society in the 21st century. Abilities of solving problems to cooperate with others are needed in society. The ability of communicating with others is important as one of the basic concepts. It was mentioned that keeping consciousness of communicating with others promoted a deeper understanding, and that combined studies of reading and writing leaded that the consciousness promoted to make representation with audience awareness. Further plans to study those subjects were considered. Trial plans to utilize audience awareness of educational practices were proposed in order to assist in the encouragement of 21st century competencies.

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