Departmental Bulletin Paper 市販タオルの圧縮率と表面特性に及ぼす柔軟仕上げ剤の効果
Effect of softener finishes on the compressibility and surface property of commercial towels

牛腸, ヒロミ  ,  柏原, 美波  ,  稲垣, サナエ  ,  上西, 朋子

The effects of commercially available softeners for cotton products were quantified. The compressibility (C),compressive elastic modulus (CEM), surface frictional coefficient (SFC) and the directional anisotropy (DA), were measured for a cotton towel that was treated with three commercially available softeners, D, R and H after 10 or 20 washings. It was found in samples of 20 times washings that C was improved to 115 %, CEM to 1.20 % with D but not with R and H, SF to 85 %, and DA to about 90 % in both directions.

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