Departmental Bulletin Paper メールに対する読み手の評価とその共通点に関する考察
The Study of Reader’s Evaluation of Emails and their Common Points

菊池, 理紗

In this study, I focus on what a reader pays attention to in emails, how the reader evaluates the emails, and the reasons behind the evaluations. I found five common points in the evaluation of emails by the reader. The first common point was that the reader’s evaluations vary dependent on the different senders. The second point was that readers evaluate not only the text but the title of the email. The third point made it clear that readers make different judgments due to the purpose of the email. The fourth point was that they always evaluate greetings. Finally, in the fifth point, I found that the reader’s comments were more concrete when conducting negative evaluations rather than positive ones. The results indicated that readers imagine the contents of the text based on the title of the email and when they read the text there are images that the reader “must write greetings” and to “write in a certain way”. When the emails differ from these imaginations, the readers tend to think “the email is not good”. Therefore, it is necessary to acknowledge the reader when researching their evaluations.

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