Departmental Bulletin Paper 「地域」を場とする生活者教育 ~地域活性化時代における大学の役割として~
Education for Autonomous Citizen on the Field of “Local Area” ~As a Role of University in the Age for Local Society Progresses~

須賀, 由紀子

It is the most important issue about the social progress in the local area today. For this issue, the author considered the measures of human resource development used to invigorate local communities from the viewpoints of education for nurturing the autonomous citizen. That became clear in this research that the Gimotogaku — which was a way of research to find out the meanings of cultural landscape in local areas — was useful in making young people conscious about the vitalization of local communities. Because Gimotogaku included all the skills such as the attitude for global environmental problems, finding a purpose in life, planning skills for making community design and SNS networking skills. Also, the author discovered that a knowledge of folk customs as well as the community creation in the society during the period of high economic growth in Japan, deepens the effectiveness of Gimotogaku. The conclusion was that the education for Gimotogaku was useful in the field located a university, as the education of the autonomous citizen. It was beneficial for human resource who took over the responsibility for the social progress.

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