Departmental Bulletin Paper 幼児の音楽教育における「美しさ」の在り方に関する一考察
Study on the ideal of “appreciate the beauty” in early childhood music education

長谷川, 恭子

In this study, I discussed the ideal of music education through the appriciation of “beauty” in early childhood music education. As a result, it was found that music education in childcare is used mainly in early childhood life. Changes in the items related to the “beauty” in the Course of study for Kindergarten, it has been confirmed that beginning that had been aimed at activities to reach through enjoy for early childhood represent to music. In early childhood music education, caregiver support by lead while receiving representation sensibility early childhood of know the " beauty ", and it became clear that will lead to the development of rich sentiment. The sensibility to appreciate the beauty of the music is to share the excitement born by the beauty of music in the involvement of creators and sensitive people. Finally, to achieve a human formation of character development. It was also able to understand that it is foreseen as a target of guidance, from early childhood to children.

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