Departmental Bulletin Paper 青年期における発達課題と就労支援の在り方 -治療中心の支援から発達と社会を中心とした就労支援へ-
Problems of adolescence and employment support ‒From treatment-centered support to employment support with a focus on development and living‒

塚原, 拓馬

 Developmental problems in adolescence were examined from the perspective of identity establishment in the life cycle, and the required employment support for contemporary young people was investigated. First, developmental characteristics in adolescence were reviewed and specific characteristics of contemporary young people related to identity establishment were examined. Depression in adolescence and developmental disorders were seen as major factors that prevented identity establishment. It was also suggested that problems especially related to employment were secondary problems associated with identity establishment. Furthermore, the conditions of different types of community-support, such as daycare services and community-type employment support for young people were examined. The findings indicated that providing employment support, particularly by focusing on identity establishment and revise was indispensable for the development of contemporary young people.

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