Departmental Bulletin Paper セクシュアリティ表現の多様化 「異装」のコンセプトカフェ
Diverse expressions of sexuality A study of the “concept café”

飯野, 智子

 The maid café, which is otaku culture and café is fused, in the sense that the commercialization of young women, do not depart from the traditional gender role. However, in the café men acts as butlers, female customers look at the men. In addition, the café women wearing men’s clothes to work, are available to both men and women. As compared to the maid café, even market size is small, to meet the diverse demand, there are many kinds of concept café. In this paper, I will focus on “The concept café” to analyze how to accept the gender and sexuality there. And I will especially investigate the phenomenon in which women enjoy the story world and “to wear men’s clothes.” Women, who are the side that is overwhelmingly bought in men’s sex industry, have been presented the female image that expectations of men. The purpose of this paper is to think about equality in sexuality.

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