Departmental Bulletin Paper 旅行商品購買意思決定プロセスにおける 情報探索メディアと情報共有行動 −情報源および情報共有媒体としてのソーシャルメディア−
Study on information-sharing and information-seeking behavior on travel products − Social media as an information sharing medium and a source of information −

斎藤, 明

Spread of social media and the circulation of information among consumers through social media, has had a major impact on the selection of nformation sources in the information search stage in the purchase decision-making process of the consumer.For consumers to purchase travel products having product properties that cannot be ascertained quality directly prior to purchasing decision, changes in the information search stage before purchase remarkable. Therefore, in this study, refer to the previous research on consumer purchase decision-making process model focused on the flow of information, from the analysis results of the quantitative survey, the impact factors of the circulation of the interpersonal information, such as reviews via social media among consumers are discussed.

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