Departmental Bulletin Paper 市販洗濯用仕上げ剤の香りの質の変化と持続性
Change and persistence of fragrances given by washing

上西, 朋子  ,  宮嶋, 祐佳  ,  牛腸, ヒロミ

When clothes have been washed, they retain various fragrances. Recently, addition of fragrances to the softeners has been commercialized. Also, fragrance additive agents are being sold separately to meet the consumers’ tastes. In the present study, these two kinds of commercialized fragrances were examined in terms of their odor characteristics and time of retention. The measurements were performed with a Shimadzu odor characterization apparatus. The radar charts with 10 poles to characteristic fragrances showed characteristics among the soften fragrances and a similarity for fragrance additive agents. The odor index, which corresponds to the strength of mixed odor as sensed by human sensitivity, was retained over 24 hours at the 25~15 levels.

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