Departmental Bulletin Paper 100%野菜ジュース摂取に伴う葉酸栄養状態の変化
Change in the nutritional status of folic acid with the intake of 100% vegetables juice.

細川, 優  ,  鈴木, 知夏  ,  米山, ひかる  ,  水上, 由紀  ,  細川, 裕子

We had 14 female college students take in 100% vegetable juice for 18 days to examine the influence of the 100% vegetable juice intake on internal folic acid nutritional status. We also examined a change of blood folic acid concentration, plasma homocysteine concentration and plasma cysteine concentration. The plasma folic acid concentration had significantly increased after the 100% vegetable juice intake. However, the red blood cell folic acid concentration did not have the change. In addition, the plasma homocysteine concentration which reflects an internal folic acid nutritional status, had significantly decreased after the intake of 100% vegetable juice, but there was no change to plasma cysteine concentration. From the above-mentioned result, it was supposed that the internal folic acid nutritional status was improved by an intake of the 100% vegetable juice for 18 days.

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