Departmental Bulletin Paper リノール酸の酸化に対するサイクロオリゴ糖の影響
Effects of cyclic-oligosaccharides on the oxidation of linoleic acid

庄司, 紗都美  ,  篠﨑, 小記  ,  清野, 友香  ,  延永, 真実  ,  荒木, 紀美  ,  小林, 幹彦

Effects of cyclic-oligosaccharide (CD, CI), trehalose (Tr) and other sugars on the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid of linoleic acid were evaluated. Oxidation reaction of linoleic acid was done with various oxidizing reagents (AAPH, FeCl3,CuSO4) under the various conditions ( UV, 40℃, room temperature, in the light or dark). Oxidation of linoleic acid was measured by the POV method,TBA method, amount of radical produced, NEFA method, and spectral evaluation. Effects of added sugars were varied under the oxidation conditions. However, among the 12 sugars tested, cyclodex-tran CIp gave the best results of suppression of oxidation of linoleic acid. Moreover, γCD and Tr also gave some effective prevention of oxidation. Because cyclic-oligosaccharides have high ability of forming the inclusion complex with various compounds, current results may be ascribed to the masking of fatty acid and/or oxidizing reagents decreasing the reactivity of oxidation.

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