Departmental Bulletin Paper 労働・レジャー関係の今日的局面
The Current Phase of Work-Leisure Dichotomy

山田, 良治

18pp.119 - 131 , 2018-03-09
This paper discusses the changing relationship between work-leisure and argues that such a shift means a renewed development of human nature in one sense but also a deepening of human alienation in another. In terms of time as well as substance, human life consists of two active factors: work and leisure. Generally speaking, these factors are mutually influential binary oppositions, whose connnection may be neglected if not seen as a whole. On the one hand, their substances are similar to the binary of physical and mental action itself. On the other hand, paid work and non-paid volunteer action differ significantly in terms of their social characterstics. In other words, the current significance of leisure should be recognised in the context of work-leisure dichotomy. Under a structural change of capitalistic economy—characterised by the shift towards service industries and global economy—the nature and form of work process has also dramatically changed. Simply put, “white collar worker” has become the majority and “intellectual work” has come to play an important role. This shift gives rise to changes in the worker’s desire in the work process as well as leisure activities.

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