Departmental Bulletin Paper 現場への洞察から、まちを動かすアクションへ : 市駅まちづくりの5年間を振り返る
From the insight into the locality to the actions to drive the community : Review on the 5 years of seminar activities for community development around Wakayamashi station

永瀬, 節治

18pp.147 - 153 , 2018-03-09
My laboratory was established in 2012 to specialize in urban design, community building as related fields of tourism management. The practice of community-based projects has occupied an important place in our seminar activities since the beginning. Among them, the most intensive and continuing one is “Shi-eki machizukuri project” started officially in 2014 with an aim to enhance community building in the surrounding area of Wakayamashi station. Our practical activities started with an exhibition on the history of the station along with the town, leaded to the series of community workshops and development of the pilot projects for temporary pedestrianization and installation of green space on the street in front of the station. The students working on these projects have learned more about the reality of community involvement, strategic approach for changing current situation as well as importance of collaborative process among diverse stakeholders.

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