Departmental Bulletin Paper 観光対象にいだくイメージ評価の試論 : SD法からの考察
An Essay on Image Evaluation for Tourism Objects : Consideration from semantic differential scale method

大井田, かおり  ,  中辻, 晴香  ,  吉住, 千亜紀  ,  尾久土, 正己

18pp.1 - 9 , 2018-03-09
From the cross-modal centered on the vision, it was considered a tourist image change before and after tourism. Factor analysis was carried out with semantic differential scale method and nominal scale with cross-modal elements; tastes, colors, elements, emotions, seasons, and analyzed the components of the image. Virtual tour of the steam locomotive content was carried out at the 360 degrees dome theater, the trajectory of gazing behavior at the dome theater is almost the same as real tourism, the questionnaire after the virtual tourism, compared to the questionnaire, which was carried out two months ago. As a result, it turned out that the tourist image is composed of evaluation, activity, brightness, hardness and sharpness like sensory modality and painting image. Virtual tourism centered on vision has brought stimulation of taste and tactile sensation that does not exist on the spot. Further, even though selecting the same image as before tourism, after tourism became clear that a change in the image component occurs.

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