Departmental Bulletin Paper 円滑な幼小接続に向けた保育プログラムの提案
Proposal of the Childcare Program for Smooth Connecting from Kindergarten to Elementary School

高橋, 多美子

68 ( 2 )  , pp.27 - 32 , 2018-02-23
The state of who “they can’t get group behavior” “they can’t sit down during class” in a classroom in a 1st grader of elementary school happens from the second half in 1990’s, and a point that tuition doesn’t consist and so-called small 1 “problem” have formed. People exchanges of a child, a nurture person and a teacher and communication are being planned for in recent years, but improvement of a nursing detail in a kindergarten and a day care center isn’t put into effect so much. Curriculum development of a nursing detail “the environment” was performed and nurture practice was inspected so that it might lead to a smooth connection targeted for 5-year old by this research. Specifically, the thing which works on cultivation of radish by a parent and child and the activity through taking a walk naturally that I touch nature as well as observe nature using loupes, picture books and illustration books, etc. and check it were performed. A child could learn while enjoying oneself in independent way, and as a result, it became clear that utilization can be expected from now on as 1of nurture programs for a smooth connecting from kindergarten to elementary school.

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