Departmental Bulletin Paper 教育学部技術科専攻生のための教科導入学習教材の研究 : ものづくりにおける材料の切断に関する学習
Material Study for Students Major in Technology Education : Learning of the Materials Cutting in the Manufacturing

池際, 博行

68 ( 1 )  , pp.77 - 79 , 2018-01-31
The author recognized the nature of material cutting to the students major in technology education with making them to assemble simple scissors from two pieces of thin metal plates with bolt and nut. Cutting of material with a knife or a scissor is slightly different to the mechanical cutting with a cutting tool. The former is“parting”the material,the latter is chipping the material. Through the production of a simple scissors made of thin steel plates, students are able to understand the basic principle of cutting.

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