Departmental Bulletin Paper 技術科専攻学生のための材料研究 : 木材単板と合板の曲げ強さ
Materials Research for Students Major in Technology Education : Bending Strength of Wood Veneer and Plywood

池際, 博行

68 ( 1 )  , pp.63 - 67 , 2018-01-31
The plywood is one of the famous wood-materials, it seems that students major in technology education do not so clearly understand the characteristics of it so they must study too much fields of technologies. The author wants to look into the importance of wood-materials for students engaged in technology education. To do this, the author manufactured the3-ply laminated wood made of thin spruce veneers (thickness of 0.8mm), and tried to understand them the mechanical superiority of laminated woods through the experimental bending tests of them. The results of this experimental tests are summarized as follows: 1) By the lamination of thin veneers, we could get higher bending strengths than those of solid wood veneers. 2) Especially, LVL (plywood laminated veneers on parallel fiber direction) had highest bending strength in all plywood made at the experimental test. 3) To laminate thin solid veneers with adhesive materials, it changed to the composite material and it has higher bend elastic constant than that of original woods.

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