Departmental Bulletin Paper 都市農業の振興と都市農地の保全
The Development of Urban Agriculture and Conservation of Urban Agricultural Land

中島, 正博

387pp.111 - 130 , 2017-03-01
This paper looks back on trends in the development and conservation of urban agriculture. As the population of urban areas has increased, urban agricultural land has been taken over by residential buildings, and the intermixture of residential areas and agricultural land remains a problem. The solution depends largely on the state of agricultural management on the farmers' side. Following the enactment in 2015 of the Basic Act on the Promotion of Urban Agriculture, measures are being adopted to promote urban agriculture. But it is also necessary to emphasize the food supply function and to classify agriculture by urban farmers, agriculture through cooperation between urban farmers and citizens, and agriculture (agricultural work) by citizens using urban agricultural land.

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